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The Groom too has a variety of essential accessories to ensure his day is completely running in order. We have combined a list below of import accessories for the Groom:

  • A wristwatch to make sure he gets to the ceremony on time
  • A pocket handkerchief to wipe away the tears of joy
  • Some cufflinks to add a special touch to his outfit
  • A buttonhole to match your bouquet
  • A tie, cravat, or bow tie depending on the time of day
  • A waistcoat or cummerbund if necessary
  • A hat and gloves for a very formal wedding

With so many choices in the snack factor, these days you can have snack buffets opposed to having a sit-down dinner. This gives guests a bigger opportunity to enjoy the party and dance more and spend time with friends, family and the Bride and Groom. If you would like to offer guests a sit down dinner anyways,  you can still facilitate them during the break periods of the ceremony and reception with a few nibbles to snack on such, finger eats and canapes.

Some people get grumpy on an empty stomach, so it is ideal to keep a nibble on hand for guests that came with a hungry tummy.


If you have a sweet and treats table, it allows guests to pick and choose their treats they feel like, opposed to be forced to eat a pudding they might not feel like. Also after dinner some guests might be full and not feel like a sweet straight away, so by having a table filled with sweets and treats, guests can help themselves as they choose.

This is also a delightful idea for children, however, keep in mind you might have a few crazy sugar rushed children running around, so its best to keep the table semi supervised or create a treat table for children only and adults only.

From biscuits, to candy, donuts to platters – there is a long list of ideas, that you can discuss with either your catered, venue that provides this service and discuss options with your wedding planner if you would like to do this yourself. You can ask local companies to do snack sweet platters too which could result in more cost-effective options.


Ladies and gents, this is something we cannot express enough. Food at weddings is one of the hottest topics that are discussed by guests. Its very important to have the right food and food that will have guests fully satisfied. However it can be costly when it comes to catering and its always highly advisable to have more than one option available. Do not go for the first catering company you think it cheap and affordable. Shop around, meet up with them and try the food first. Its also great to speak to the venue and ask them what they have in mind regards to catering as a lot of Venus do not necessarily allow outside catering and offer catering in house. Sit down with your venue coordinators and discuss food….yes food….. it seems like one of the options you need to worry the less about, however its one that is simply high up on the importance level.


Make sure you do some investigating when selecting a videographer. There is a reason some videographers offer dirt cheap rates; it could be that they have none or very little experience and you get a lot of junior videographers that are not able to capture everything due to a lack of experience.

Its advisable to investigate and get portfolios and find videographers that have great testimonials and have contactable references. You only get married once and you cannot recapture all of your moments so its essential that if you want to have a professional photographer that you have done the right research and also prepared a budget as these services do no always come cheap. Double check and make arrangements to meet up with the videographer, chat and ask as many questions as need be and ensure the videographer knows exactly what it is that you want as in effects way and which parts of the ceremony and venue are important to be captured on screen.


No matter how long ago you watched your favorite movie twilight, you will always remember the one with the wedding. Lets not even get started on how mesmerized we all were as Bella approached Edward with flowers hanging from the roof, with an enchanted fairytale theme. From the music, décor and simply thrills, the Edwards wedding was simply beautiful. Nothing more nothing less, just a wedding out of a fairytale.
Create your own twilight wedding theme with a venue that has their décor and set up readily available to be catered for outside, with a planned out set up for chairs and tables. The highlight of the wedding was the flowers, we all have to insist the flowers that created the fairytale effect was one of the effects that will last forever. With the right florist on hand and the right venue, you can have a truly beautiful twilight wedding.


With the types of technology out there, you are bound to set and create any fun ideas for your weddings. All it takes is some preplanning and chatting to your photographer so that once they take your photos, they can incorporate any crazy ideas you might have. Have a dinosaur effect where a dinosaur is chasing your wedding party or have your favorite superheroes photoshopped flying into your wedding. You could even have fun photos from bolts of lightning, and rain drops. There are so many fun ways today and with the right designer and photographer you can really create some fun photos.


So you have a pet that you love more than anything in the world? And you want them to be apart of your big day which is truly special and amazing to animal lovers. However, there are some factors you need to keep in mind. You need to ensure that there is someone to keep a watch over your pet and this takes planning. You want to avoid any stress on the wedding day so if you have a great plan set in place then this is perfect. Someone needs to be available to take your pet out to the loo and manage their eating times if the wedding falls over a time period where the pet must have lunch or dinner. You cannot have your pet need to use the loo in the middle of the speeches and then yourself have to run out. So its advisable to have someone on hand to do this. Make sure you have your pets’ bed or blanket with so they can rest during the reception and have a spare bowl for water and food packed it. If you are getting married at a venue you need to ensure they allow pets and ensure you plan with them before hand to avoid having any upsets on the day.

Getting married with your best fur pet on hand is going to add such beautiful memories to you day and your photos are going to be gorgeous.


Some Brides find it challenging to tell guests they cannot bring children to the wedding so opt for the wedding nanny option. This way the children can be apart of your wedding day as well as create memories with you.

Some venues do offer child friendly rooms available for the children to make use of where toys and games can be set up together with a screen with a few movies. It is highly advisable to work out the child to nanny ratio.  You cannot have 50 children and 1 nanny. You could work it out on 5 children to each nanny. There are a variety of companies that specialize in nannies that do offer the service and this way you can ensure the parents have a fun evening without having to worry about their children.


Ladies, you found the most beautiful pair of heels and boy oh boy how you are going to be flaunting them all night as they match your cinderella dress. However ladies, we cannot stress this enough…. pack a pair of comfortable shoes in your bag. As the night goes on and you walk from guest to guest, dancing and walking some more, your feet could get tired. There is no experience in walking in heels that is entrusted to ensure woman can survive the whole night in them. So have a spare pair of pumps or trainers if you have a long dress, on hand to pop them on to ensure nothing stands in your way of booging the night away with your new husband, friends and family.


You might ask yourself, why would this be an issue? Have you ever gone to an event and realized oh wow my underwear’s is hurting or your bra is cutting into you? For special events and occasions its advisable to usually wear something comfy, but on your wedding day you need to especially ensure that you have the right garments to wear. Make sure you have a bra that is also practical and comfortable as you will be spending a few hours taking photos, dancing and mingling and the the last thing you want is getting irritated because your under wire is cutting or pushing you.

Obviously, you feel the need to wear something sexy, but its advisable to be comfy too, so always pack your sexy underwear in your hotel packed bag or honeymoon bag. Wearing the right “Brookies” – “Panties” – “Thong” is also highly important.  You need to ensure that if you are wearing a slim tight dress that your underwear lines are not visible but at the same time, do not wear underwear that will cut into you or make you uncomfortable. Its advisable to go to a underwear shop and speaks to the experts. YES! There are experts in this industry that can assist you from trying on garments to ensuring they fit you correctly.


Who doesn’t love Cherries? Some brides are in love with the concept of incorporating something as simple as cherries on their wedding day. From cherries in snacks and drinks to a cherry coloured wedding combo.

From Cherry coloured dresses and shoes, to cherry coloured ties and shirts. Its such a beautiful and bold colour to present on your wedding day. With cherry coloured invitations, to cherry coloured table numbers and red lips.

Such a fun and versatile colour to use on your wedding day.


You want your guests to have something to remember you with from your wedding day and the best way to do this is to offer guest a  a polaroid picture with a  magnet attached on the back that can be displayed in their homes for years to come. A fun reminder month’s later or even years later.

There are a few options, you can have polaroid images readily available and presented to guests on their wedding day which were taken on your engagements shoot, of you can offer guests an opportunity to take their own pics in a photo booth as a wedding favour option which is always favorable.


It’s the middle of summer, the last thing anyone wants is to be hurled off to a hot ceremony and venue. A great and affordable alternative to a sit-down wedding is to have a pool party wedding which has become rather general with Brides.

There are venues available with pool facilities, or you can wed at a lodge or hotel with the pool available or keep it simple and wed in the backyard and set up everything to look amazing and beautiful. There are so many fun ways that you can incorporate fun swimming activities, and foods to match your outside wedding. From hot dogs to possible catered canapes.

A few bottles of bubble, summer décor and fun and creative invitations and pool party invitations.


Getting married in the summer is always fun and everyone seems to be in that summer vibe. If you are planning a summer venue outside, there are a long list of ideas you can incorporate into you wedding day.

Sunglasses can be given to wedding guests with customization, flip flops can be offered as gifts too, so guests do not get too hot and have sore feet – it comes in handy on the dance floors.

Top of your guests with flavor ice lollies and consider having a snow-cone facility especially if you know it is going to be an exceptionally hot day.

Have a relief station for outside weddings offering sun creams, paddle fans and possibly some bug spray should the wedding go into the evening. For the ceremony you could have parasols available for guests to make use of to avoid the sun.

There are so many ideas to ensure the hot day wedding is a fun day wedding. Offer guests a variety of games to play outside which creates a lovely social vibe. Always ensure there are drinks available, so everyone stays hydrated. The bride and groom could also tackle the wedding with a great pair of just married flip flops.


There is something about chocolate that is simply addictive. The smell of chocolate is enough to let anyone crave that yummy smoothing taste of chocolate.

Bringing the idea to a wedding venue is enough to make any guest crave chocolate. With a variety of fruits available and biscuits to dip into a warm dripping chocolate fountain.  Let the chocolate fountain be the highlight of your wedding, as guests will be tasting and ooooiiing and ammmming and enjoying the simplicity of dipping snacks and enjoying them.

Ensure your chocolate fountain is set up in an area where there is no aircon, and always try to make use of the fountain indoors and always use a sturdy table.

For snacks to go with the fountain, you can have a variety of fruits, donuts and biscuits. Or have a few cups of fruit where guests can drizzle their melted chocolate.

End your wedding off with a sweet note 😊


Ok Great, so all the finer details have been sorted and you are sitting with your planning list and discovering the next list of things you need to do and conquer before the big day arrives…… yes you almost forgot! The wedding dance! You can either have a slow and close dance to your favorite song, or you can create the perfect dance with a choreographer or dancing instructor. This way you will release the inner dancer and show some sensual moves on the dance floors that will leave guests in shock for the rest of the evening.

We have combined a few ideas as to which dance styles you can choose from to match your moves and your grooves:

  • The Sway. …
  • The Slow Dance (or Nightclub Two Step) …
  • The Classic Waltz.
  • The Swing.
  • The Foxtrot. …
  • The Rumba.
  • Mambo & Salsa Dance.
  • Hip-Hop Dance.

Candy bars at Weddings are a big hit these days, not only because there are a variety of sweet, but because they look so pretty and offer a type of fairytale look. You can incorporate your wedding colours of themes into a candy bar and create the perfect candy buffet for guests to enjoy.

You will need clear containers, sweet scoops and a bunch of tasty sweets. Here is a list of sweet treats to consider for your candy bar:

·  Lollipops

·  Rock candy

·  Candy sticks

·  Gummy candies

·  Peppermint sticks or disks

·  Buttercream mints

·  Gumballs

·  Candy-coated chocolates

·  Chocolate-covered nuts

·  Chocolate-covered raisins

·  Licorice sticks

·  Taffy

·  Candy-filled straws

·  Caramels

·  Malted milk balls

·  Sour candies

And more…..


One of the easiest and convenient wedding favour options would be to have the wedding cake offered to guests as a thank you gift. You can do so many creative things to decorate the boxes, or you can simply supply the cakes with a clear box and add a custom printed sticker to the box with a cute elegant ribbon. Stack the cake favours on top of each other at the wedding for guests to enjoy which is a very creative and unique way to ensure the cake stands out.

This is an affordable and cute option as it saves on having to supply a wedding cake and wedding favours.


Pink and Silver Wedding

Pink and grey weddings always create the elegant wedding look, which is completely ideal for spring and summer. With a variety of pink and grey shades to choose from, you can incorporate shimmery tones and blush pink colour palettes.  We have a few inspiring looks to show you below:

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