Bridal Survival Kit

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Bridal Survival Kit

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Once your big day has arrived, the last thing you need is to be running back and forth looking for a needle or hair clip which will most definitely cause you unnecessary stress. We suggest you pack a survial bag in with all the little novelties and nitty gritty you might need. We have compiled a survival kit list for you to ensure you have packed everything any bride would ever need on her big day.

Underarm roll on
Lip Gloss
Needle and thread set
Clear varnish (This also helps with stockings that may ladder)
Hair clips
Sanitary items (Sometimes stress could cause you to menstruate earlier – so avoid stress)
Spare pair of underwear
Pair of flat shoes
Make up for any later touch-ups
Spare hair elastic – just to be safe
A mini bottle of your favorite alcohol
Pack of dry nuts/fruits – add a small snack
Bottled water (and a straw to avoid blotching lips)

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