Floral Wedding Ideas




There is one specific item on your wedding day that can completely customize the wedding day look, and this would be the bouquet. Instead of having a plain bunch of flowers, you can have a bouquet that sparkles and adds shine to your dress, especially with some bouquet jewels.

You can notch up the décor on your bouquet by adding bouquet pins, creative and colour incorporated holders or even by adding bouquet lights for later afternoon and evening weddings. Add that extra something that will turn heads and get everyone talking. The holder is definitely the foundation of having a stunning bouquet and there are selections of hand-tied holders, slanted and straight holders which are made for silk or fresh flowers.

If you have had a loss in the family and would like to add them to your day, you can attach a small picture frame/keyholder frame with their photo attached inside for sentimental purposes.

Traditionally Brides throw the bouquet during the reception to potential brides to be, however you no longer have to throw your original bouquet. You can make a request that your florist makes a replica that can be smaller which can be thrown in order to keep your original bouquet.