Nowadays most couples spend thousands on venue rental for small and large weddings. Consider having your wedding at home indoors or in the garden. The option of an outdoor wedding sounds amazing but always have a back up plan incase if weather upsets such as rain.

Your home could be decorated to match your wedding theme or colours. You could always consider renting a rent or small marquee tent for the garden to add that extra touch of elegance.

Thus option aids to keeping costs down.


There is nothing more romantic than being surrounded by a heart wedding theme. It’s a reminder of the love you have for your partner to be.

There are so many ideas when it comes to planning a wedding surrounded by a heart theme, and the best colours to match this theme are red and white. You can always coordinate other colours such as gold and silvers, but there is no limit as to which colours can be used as the heart shape will match any colour theme.

We have compiled some ideas to incorporate your heart themed wedding below:

From top to bottom, you can add hearts to your hair, earrings, necklace, lingerie and even simple heart beads on your wedding dress or shoes can add that simple touch.

In terms of décor, you can have hearts hanging from the ceiling, have centerpieces based around hearts and finish your able off with a stunning heart napkin, name tags and even a touch of heart confetti can be sprinkled around the table.

Wedding favours will add to your heart themed wedding, from heart chocolates to heart thank you cards.

You cannot go wrong with a heart themed wedding.


We have the answer. How about offering your fellow Best Man or Groomsman a gift they can treasure thought years to come, and one that could be used on the day, you tie the knot with your future Bride.
With a variety of custom sock options, form socks with images to socks with wording. You have no idea how useful one pair of socks can be when given as a gift to symbolize friendship and memories.

Superhero Socks, show your Best Man and Groomsman how you see them in the superhero world! Or provide a simplified pair of socks with a branding of your choice, from names of the Best man or Groom or Symbols as some memorabilia to your wedding dates. We have a wide selection of choices that can provide you with the perfect symbolic gift. Visit our online store to find the suitable pair of socks, to show just how much you care.


A dog is a man’s best friend, so it only makes sense that if you have a fur baby that means the world to you, that you have the opportunity to include them in you big day.

There are some really cute ideas so that your furbaby can spend your wedding day with you, but remember having a pet at your wedding can be hard work too so its best to consider all the options before making your decision. We have put a few ideas and tips together for you to ensure your furbaby not only looks cute but it well taken care of on the day.

What can my your pet wear to look cute?
Bowtie matching your bridal party wear colours. Doggy Jersey for the winter weddings which can be printed on e.g Dog of honour, Dog Man
If your pet is easily trainable, you can have them carry your rings down the aisle, or carry a small sign that says “Here comes the Bride”

Tips to ensure you have no oopsies:

Ensure your venue/chapel is pet-friendly and allows pets
Just like humans, your pet will be thirsty and hungry so make sure you have food and water and especially a few treats for your furbaby
Pet sitter – you will need someone that will keep an eye on your pooch, and it would be advisable to get a sitter or a close family friend to take on the responsibility of your pet without you having to stress
Travel – its best to consider having your pet taken home once the reception starts as this can cause stress for your dog especially when there is loud music playing.

Safety – If you have a pet that is not familiar with strangers and as much as you love him, he can be aggressive… avoid having your dog in uncomfortable situations. Make sure that if your pooch isn’t too fond of children that they keep their distance to avoid any problems.
Test run the situation, get your bridal party together and try a rehearsal to ensure your furbaby is comfortable walking down the aisle and comfortable with their surroundings.

Every Bride / Groom needs their best friend, so it would only make sense to include your special baby. Not only would this be special, but the photos are bound to look cute and memorable.


Wedding favours are there to favoured and as a reminder of a special day. There is no right or wrong when it comes to selecting wedding favours. Your type of wedding favour will depend on the types of guests, your wishes and of course your budget.

You need to decide what type of wedding favour you would like to give. Would you like to offer you guests a wedding favour they can enjoy at their wedding with the meal? E.g. Mini jam, sauce bottles? Possibly a type of sweet wedding favour your guests can enjoy after their meal. You also have an option of the type of wedding favour that can be used to entertain guests which is always a great ice breaker for guests that do not know each other? You could offer quiz or game types of favours.

Once you have decided on the type of wedding favour, you need to consider the options of how you will be presenting the… For jams and sweets, you have the option of presenting your gifts in a pretty glass jar, or old vintage style tin. You also have the option of using little gifts bags and ribbons to add your personal touch.

If you are considering making your own weddings favours, you need to consider what will be required and work out costing before you start as DIY wedding favours are not always the most affordable option. And you need to avoid any last-minute rushes or stress. However, opting for the DIY option can become a fun activity for the Bride and her bridesmaids or even better why not do this with the hubby to be.

Most Brides want the wedding favours to co-ordinate with their theme and colours which is perfect, but if you want these gifts to be used for years to come and as a great reminder, think of gifting your guests with something practical.