Wedding Colours




Who doesn’t love Cherries? Some brides are in love with the concept of incorporating something as simple as cherries on their wedding day. From cherries in snacks and drinks to a cherry coloured wedding combo.

From Cherry coloured dresses and shoes, to cherry coloured ties and shirts. Its such a beautiful and bold colour to present on your wedding day. With cherry coloured invitations, to cherry coloured table numbers and red lips.

Such a fun and versatile colour to use on your wedding day.


Pink and Silver Wedding

Pink and grey weddings always create the elegant wedding look, which is completely ideal for spring and summer. With a variety of pink and grey shades to choose from, you can incorporate shimmery tones and blush pink colour palettes.  We have a few inspiring looks to show you below:


Add a classical colour scheme such as red and gold to your wedding day. These colours are surprisingly ideal for weddings that are dated close to Christmas or Valentines Day. Red and gold shades are a bold colour combination and one needs to take care when planning the décor to ensure the colours do  no look over excessive.  In order to add some more neutral effects, one could consider adding some whites and create.

The red and gold colour combo could easily be incorporated into the wedding accessories and attire. However if you are one of the more eccentric brides, you could  always consider wearing a red dress as your wedding dress, or you can consider a golden wedding gown and have the bridal party ladies dressed up in red dresses. Red boutonnieres would be ideal for the men of the bridal party, with a few touches of gold incorporated, for instance their wedding tie, or golden cufflinks.

An ideal start to having the perfect wedding ceremony, is by adding bold floral arches and golden chairs. For the reception part of the wedding, once could consider golden centre pieces with red candle, or red bouquets raised in elegant golden vases. With gold cutlery placed next to cream plates and red napkins with a simple red and gold wedding favour positioned neatly along each other, the bold colour scheme would work out perfectly.


Looking for a vibrant wedding colour combo? Then Yellow and Grey are the way to go. Ensure the yellow colour takes the lead to accent all of the details, and add the grey in away that creates depth. This cheeful colour combo will add brightness to your wedding day.


Peach and sage wedding colours are unique, and posh. The two combinations scream spring time and these colours are ideal for the floral season of the year and compliment each other with such class.


Peach and Sage Weddings


Traditionally it’s been known that weddings should be surrounded by flows of whites and pastels, however, modern brides will go crazy over our all black themed weddings. Add your own personal touch of elegance by making a bold and dramatic statement.

The wedding outfits:

Your wedding dress can be black or you can have a white dress and add our own black extras such as black lingerie, shoes and jewellery. If you decide to go for a black dress, you can add some glimpses of silver and jewels, or simply go all black. Keep in mind if your bridesmaids are wearing a black, to ensure they go a different shade of black or have a different style to ensure the bride stands out.

Once you select this choice, shoes will be no challenge at all as most shoes in this century are based around darker colours and are extremely elegant.

It would be ideal to incorporate a lighter black to ensure the venue does not look like an underground cult but do not be afraid to stick to your colour scheme. There are more hues based on black than just one standard colour.

Below are a few ideas for your all black wedding:

Décor: Napkins, draping, bunting and table runners in black

Flowers: Most florists are able to arrange that certain flowers are supplied in black with a special dying process, however, you can go for a different colour flower and add your own black flower décor in your bouquet or table flowers

Cake: One of the easiest options based on colours would be the cakes as a wedding cake can be made in any colour, theme or shape. You would need to ensure you contact a suitable florist to ensure they make the cake in the exact black colour of choice and one that will not turn grey or discolour due to weather such as heat.

Wedding Favours: There are endless possibilities when it comes to wedding favours and almost all favours can be supplied in black e.g. Chocolates with black custom wrappers, mint treat with black, card tags/wine labels in black

Dress Code: On your invitation, you can advise guests to wear all black. This might be confused by some as black is usually worn to funerals, and some of the older generations may not understand the modern chic look.

Invitations: Instead of having a white invitation as pure, you can have a black background with white /silver writing.