Wedding Favours




You want your guests to have something to remember you with from your wedding day and the best way to do this is to offer guest a  a polaroid picture with a  magnet attached on the back that can be displayed in their homes for years to come. A fun reminder month’s later or even years later.

There are a few options, you can have polaroid images readily available and presented to guests on their wedding day which were taken on your engagements shoot, of you can offer guests an opportunity to take their own pics in a photo booth as a wedding favour option which is always favorable.


One of the easiest and convenient wedding favour options would be to have the wedding cake offered to guests as a thank you gift. You can do so many creative things to decorate the boxes, or you can simply supply the cakes with a clear box and add a custom printed sticker to the box with a cute elegant ribbon. Stack the cake favours on top of each other at the wedding for guests to enjoy which is a very creative and unique way to ensure the cake stands out.

This is an affordable and cute option as it saves on having to supply a wedding cake and wedding favours.


Wedding favours are there to favoured and as a reminder of a special day. There is no right or wrong when it comes to selecting wedding favours. Your type of wedding favour will depend on the types of guests, your wishes and of course your budget.

You need to decide what type of wedding favour you would like to give. Would you like to offer you guests a wedding favour they can enjoy at their wedding with the meal? E.g. Mini jam, sauce bottles? Possibly a type of sweet wedding favour your guests can enjoy after their meal. You also have an option of the type of wedding favour that can be used to entertain guests which is always a great ice breaker for guests that do not know each other? You could offer quiz or game types of favours.

Once you have decided on the type of wedding favour, you need to consider the options of how you will be presenting the… For jams and sweets, you have the option of presenting your gifts in a pretty glass jar, or old vintage style tin. You also have the option of using little gifts bags and ribbons to add your personal touch.

If you are considering making your own weddings favours, you need to consider what will be required and work out costing before you start as DIY wedding favours are not always the most affordable option. And you need to avoid any last-minute rushes or stress. However, opting for the DIY option can become a fun activity for the Bride and her bridesmaids or even better why not do this with the hubby to be.

Most Brides want the wedding favours to co-ordinate with their theme and colours which is perfect, but if you want these gifts to be used for years to come and as a great reminder, think of gifting your guests with something practical.