Wedding Fun




With the types of technology out there, you are bound to set and create any fun ideas for your weddings. All it takes is some preplanning and chatting to your photographer so that once they take your photos, they can incorporate any crazy ideas you might have. Have a dinosaur effect where a dinosaur is chasing your wedding party or have your favorite superheroes photoshopped flying into your wedding. You could even have fun photos from bolts of lightning, and rain drops. There are so many fun ways today and with the right designer and photographer you can really create some fun photos.


Candy bars at Weddings are a big hit these days, not only because there are a variety of sweet, but because they look so pretty and offer a type of fairytale look. You can incorporate your wedding colours of themes into a candy bar and create the perfect candy buffet for guests to enjoy.

You will need clear containers, sweet scoops and a bunch of tasty sweets. Here is a list of sweet treats to consider for your candy bar:

·  Lollipops

·  Rock candy

·  Candy sticks

·  Gummy candies

·  Peppermint sticks or disks

·  Buttercream mints

·  Gumballs

·  Candy-coated chocolates

·  Chocolate-covered nuts

·  Chocolate-covered raisins

·  Licorice sticks

·  Taffy

·  Candy-filled straws

·  Caramels

·  Malted milk balls

·  Sour candies

And more…..