Wedding Planning




Counselling offer couples time to focus on themselves and is very important for marital concerns. The counsellor is generally acting as a mediator between the couple and assists by offering healthy and effective advice. During your counselling session, you will learn how to resolve conflict in a more positive manner. How to communicate is ways that are more effective. Instead of coming across offensive, you will discover ways of being more assertive.  During the process, you can work on unresolved issues, and ensure the future opens with more positive thoughts ways of thinking which both couples will discover a deeper understanding as to who each other is to one another. 


Finding the perfect bridal accessories that will compliment your entire look is very important.

We have combined a bridal accessories list for you to ensure you have the correct goodies to match the correct look:

  • A veil, headpiece, or hair accessories to complement your gown
  • Wedding shoes that are comfortable enough to dance the night away
  • A clutch bag for wedding day essentials
  • A jacket, shrug or cardigan to cover your shoulders in case it gets chilly
  • Wedding jewellery to create that extra sparkle
  • Your bridal garter for a little nod to tradition
  • Bridal Lingerie to add support and make you feel sexy on your special day

The Groom too has a variety of essential accessories to ensure his day is completely running in order. We have combined a list below of import accessories for the Groom:

  • A wristwatch to make sure he gets to the ceremony on time
  • A pocket handkerchief to wipe away the tears of joy
  • Some cufflinks to add a special touch to his outfit
  • A buttonhole to match your bouquet
  • A tie, cravat, or bow tie depending on the time of day
  • A waistcoat or cummerbund if necessary
  • A hat and gloves for a very formal wedding

With so many choices in the snack factor, these days you can have snack buffets opposed to having a sit-down dinner. This gives guests a bigger opportunity to enjoy the party and dance more and spend time with friends, family and the Bride and Groom. If you would like to offer guests a sit down dinner anyways,  you can still facilitate them during the break periods of the ceremony and reception with a few nibbles to snack on such, finger eats and canapes.

Some people get grumpy on an empty stomach, so it is ideal to keep a nibble on hand for guests that came with a hungry tummy.


Ladies, you found the most beautiful pair of heels and boy oh boy how you are going to be flaunting them all night as they match your cinderella dress. However ladies, we cannot stress this enough…. pack a pair of comfortable shoes in your bag. As the night goes on and you walk from guest to guest, dancing and walking some more, your feet could get tired. There is no experience in walking in heels that is entrusted to ensure woman can survive the whole night in them. So have a spare pair of pumps or trainers if you have a long dress, on hand to pop them on to ensure nothing stands in your way of booging the night away with your new husband, friends and family.


You might ask yourself, why would this be an issue? Have you ever gone to an event and realized oh wow my underwear’s is hurting or your bra is cutting into you? For special events and occasions its advisable to usually wear something comfy, but on your wedding day you need to especially ensure that you have the right garments to wear. Make sure you have a bra that is also practical and comfortable as you will be spending a few hours taking photos, dancing and mingling and the the last thing you want is getting irritated because your under wire is cutting or pushing you.

Obviously, you feel the need to wear something sexy, but its advisable to be comfy too, so always pack your sexy underwear in your hotel packed bag or honeymoon bag. Wearing the right “Brookies” – “Panties” – “Thong” is also highly important.  You need to ensure that if you are wearing a slim tight dress that your underwear lines are not visible but at the same time, do not wear underwear that will cut into you or make you uncomfortable. Its advisable to go to a underwear shop and speaks to the experts. YES! There are experts in this industry that can assist you from trying on garments to ensuring they fit you correctly.


Ok Great, so all the finer details have been sorted and you are sitting with your planning list and discovering the next list of things you need to do and conquer before the big day arrives…… yes you almost forgot! The wedding dance! You can either have a slow and close dance to your favorite song, or you can create the perfect dance with a choreographer or dancing instructor. This way you will release the inner dancer and show some sensual moves on the dance floors that will leave guests in shock for the rest of the evening.

We have combined a few ideas as to which dance styles you can choose from to match your moves and your grooves:

  • The Sway. …
  • The Slow Dance (or Nightclub Two Step) …
  • The Classic Waltz.
  • The Swing.
  • The Foxtrot. …
  • The Rumba.
  • Mambo & Salsa Dance.
  • Hip-Hop Dance.

You can always opt to request guests with certain talents as opposed to giving wedding gifts.

If any of your guests offer entertainment talents such as belly dancers or comedians, you could ask these guests to entertain others.

Photographer friends or family members could offer photography services instead of a gift which could be more of an honour to the guests as well.
Members with catering and baking talents could always assist you with these requirements.

Any dance instructors in your circle… request a simple dance course to aid towards your first dance. Every family or friends circle has a musician which would be excited to perform as your wedding gift.

These simple extras from friend and family could help towards keeping your wedding expenses low.


During your planning you might feel that you want all your family members and friends attending which would feel like the normal things to do, however, you might establish after working through your budget that this might not be the most ideal choice. Each additional guest invited is an extra additional cost which could prevent your Wedding from being the intimate wedding you have in mind.

Do not feel obligated to invite every person under your contact list on your phone or email. Planning your guest list takes a lot of time and great planning and consideration in order to meet your budget.

Close family members and close friends would be the obvious choice. The guests you could consider leaving off the guest list are family and friend members you haven’t spoken to in a year. Ideal guests in order to have an intimate wedding would include direct family, work colleagues with close relationships and an ideal possibility of inviting your employer. Regards to friends not invite Facebook friends you only have an online relationship with, especially friends you have online that you have never met. The smaller the wedding list the more you can spend on other extras to make the wedding more beautiful and elegant.


Once your big day has arrived, the last thing you need is to be running back and forth looking for a needle or hair clip which will most definitely cause you unnecessary stress. We suggest you pack a survial bag in with all the little novelties and nitty gritty you might need. We have compiled a survival kit list for you to ensure you have packed everything any bride would ever need on her big day.

Underarm roll on
Lip Gloss
Needle and thread set
Clear varnish (This also helps with stockings that may ladder)
Hair clips
Sanitary items (Sometimes stress could cause you to menstruate earlier – so avoid stress)
Spare pair of underwear
Pair of flat shoes
Make up for any later touch-ups
Spare hair elastic – just to be safe
A mini bottle of your favorite alcohol
Pack of dry nuts/fruits – add a small snack
Bottled water (and a straw to avoid blotching lips)


Most couples watch movies whereby it is known to have a rehearsal dinner the evening before the wedding. This is completely up to you as the couple… but remember these are unnecessary expenses. Most traditions offer this and if this is a tradition you would like to fulfill then you have a good to excuse to have an extra party … and everyone loves an excuse to party. But this is not a need so can be avoided.

It would be ideal to have a rehearsal walk down the aisle practice so that everyone knows what their duties are and how the routine will go for the day of the ceremony. This too does not have to take place the night before as most brides are in such a state that they need the night before to relax and finalize last minute arrangements. This can, however, be arranged a day or two before the wedding.

An additional con about having a rehearsal dinner is that the couple tend to have a few glasses of champagne which cause them to be tired the next day and you also need to avoid indulging in a large meal to avoid any discomfort.

This is a tradition that can be seen as special and not so special, but none one that you as a couple need to abide by.


  • Your day is simple and fun for today.
  • Have a good breakfast and ensure you allow yourself a lot of time to get ready
  • Ensure the rings are with the Best Man
  • Pack a small bag to take with to the reception, ensuring your Emergency kit has been packed in
  • Have a shower before having your hair done
  • While having your hair done, have some champagne, relax and get ready to walk down that aisle.
  • Remember today is for you, so soak in every minute of it
  • A little reminder, your bridal party are there to help, ask for help and be pampered, its not every day you get to order everyone around
  • Its time to walk down the aisle, breath, smile and be mesmerized by your Groom waiting to see his Bride to be.
  • Have fun and enjoy the day.

  • Deliver any welcome baskets to guests that have had a long way to travel
  • Ensure nails are done, enjoy a manicure or pedicure
  • Attend the Wedding rehearsal should you have chosen to have one
  • Have a long bath and climb into bed early as tomorrow, you will be walking down the aisle.

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The 1 Week Planning – Relax, you are almost there. Try keep calm.

  • Arrange all last-minute payments have been done to vendors
  • Confirm speeches
  • Issue any images to photographer and videographer and confirm and video requests
  • Time to start laying out your Wedding attire
  • Ensure you prepare your Wedding day emergency kit
  • Take your Bridal party on a trip to the spa, its time to relax and get rid of any muscle tension

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The 2 Weeks Planning – Last Minute confirmations, an exited Bride on the way.

  • Follow up with any guests that may not submitted their RSVP’s
  • Confirm final count with the caterer or venue
  • Update registries
  • Try stretch and walk about in your wedding shoes to break them in
  • Arrange for pets and house sitters to take care of things while you are away on your honeymoon.
  • Any last-minute plays lists to be given to DJ / Band
  • Final hair colour changes or haircuts to be done
  • Confirm wedding day activities, duties, guest book and gift table
  • Arrange with a friend or family member to return any hired décor, attire, tuxedo’s or dress
  • Send directions to the transportation company

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The 1 Month Planning – The Don’t forget this and that month

  • Contact vendors to confirm time, location and dates
  • Confirm honeymoon reservations
  • Pack and purchase any items that need to go along on the honeymoon
  • Collect Wedding rings
  • Order wedding programmes
  • Final dress fitting if need be to go with the shoes and the veil
  • Prepare your thank you notes to guests

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The 2 Month Planning – Is this a Dream or is reality starting to kick in.

  • Send of Wedding Invitations
  • Organize a RSVP system to ensure you keep track of guests attending
  • Vows need to be confirmed and last-minute changes to be done, should be done
  • Last details with Officiant regards to ceremony need to be done and any changes need to be confirmed
  • Content for the wedding programmes need to be confirmed
  • Seating arrangements to be confirmed
  • Final fittings for the Bridal party and Bride and Groom

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The 4 Month Planning – the minor details towards the end always feel like the easiest

  • Decide on flowers for the Venue, cake and wedding party
  • Dress fitting schedules need to be confirmed for this month
  • Confirm / book honeymoon hotels and flights
  • Ensure you have a honeymoon suite booked for the eve of your Wedding
  • Confirm Cake order with baker
  • Prepare a playlist for the DJ or Band
  • The Wedding list needs to be finalized

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Wedding Planning Guide – 3 Months

The 3 Month Planning – the time is getting closer and closer by the day.

  • Finalize any honeymoon plans and make sure all relevant documents are in order
  • Seating arrangements for the venue and ceremony need to be planned
  • Visit your stylist to play with some ideas for your hair and veil
  • Plan any speeches and vows that need to be done
  • Any catering equipment, serving dishes need to be ordered
  • Guest book, flower basket and ring bears pillow need to be purchased
  • Reception menu should be finalized
  • Order the Menu’s
  • Purchase Wedding Favours

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The 6 Month Planning guide – nerves should be kicking in right about now

  • Its time to start exploring ideas for possible hair and makeup styles
  • Have a meeting with the officiants to discuss further plans for the ceremony set up
  • Décor, tables, chairs and lighting need to be hired
  • Arrange cake tastings with your baker and order the Wedding cake
  • Attire for the Best Man, Groomsman and fathers need to be decided upon
  • Place your final order with your invitation vendor
  • Hire your musician / DJ / MC

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