Wedding Services




So the date is set, the venue is booked and now its time to send out the invitations.  The wedding invitations should ideally be mailed at least 8 weeks before the wedding.

We have combined a list of info that should be readily available for the designer, to ensure you are planned and ready to avoid any delays.

Here is a set up of the information that should go on the invitation:

You are cordially invited to
the wedding of

Brides Name
Grooms Name

Day (Saturday) – Date and year


Ceremony & Venue Details

Dinner and dancing to follow

You can always add the parents name as per the older traditions and you can add the rsvp details as well as gifting details


Ladies and gents, this is something we cannot express enough. Food at weddings is one of the hottest topics that are discussed by guests. Its very important to have the right food and food that will have guests fully satisfied. However it can be costly when it comes to catering and its always highly advisable to have more than one option available. Do not go for the first catering company you think it cheap and affordable. Shop around, meet up with them and try the food first. Its also great to speak to the venue and ask them what they have in mind regards to catering as a lot of Venus do not necessarily allow outside catering and offer catering in house. Sit down with your venue coordinators and discuss food….yes food….. it seems like one of the options you need to worry the less about, however its one that is simply high up on the importance level.


Make sure you do some investigating when selecting a videographer. There is a reason some videographers offer dirt cheap rates; it could be that they have none or very little experience and you get a lot of junior videographers that are not able to capture everything due to a lack of experience.

Its advisable to investigate and get portfolios and find videographers that have great testimonials and have contactable references. You only get married once and you cannot recapture all of your moments so its essential that if you want to have a professional photographer that you have done the right research and also prepared a budget as these services do no always come cheap. Double check and make arrangements to meet up with the videographer, chat and ask as many questions as need be and ensure the videographer knows exactly what it is that you want as in effects way and which parts of the ceremony and venue are important to be captured on screen.


Some Brides find it challenging to tell guests they cannot bring children to the wedding so opt for the wedding nanny option. This way the children can be apart of your wedding day as well as create memories with you.

Some venues do offer child friendly rooms available for the children to make use of where toys and games can be set up together with a screen with a few movies. It is highly advisable to work out the child to nanny ratio.  You cannot have 50 children and 1 nanny. You could work it out on 5 children to each nanny. There are a variety of companies that specialize in nannies that do offer the service and this way you can ensure the parents have a fun evening without having to worry about their children.