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Chocolate Fountains

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There is something about chocolate that is simply addictive. The smell of chocolate is enough to let anyone crave that yummy smoothing taste of chocolate.

Bringing the idea to a wedding venue is enough to make any guest crave chocolate. With a variety of fruits available and biscuits to dip into a warm dripping chocolate fountain.  Let the chocolate fountain be the highlight of your wedding, as guests will be tasting and ooooiiing and ammmming and enjoying the simplicity of dipping snacks and enjoying them.

Ensure your chocolate fountain is set up in an area where there is no aircon, and always try to make use of the fountain indoors and always use a sturdy table.

For snacks to go with the fountain, you can have a variety of fruits, donuts and biscuits. Or have a few cups of fruit where guests can drizzle their melted chocolate.

End your wedding off with a sweet note 😊

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