Include Your Pet in Your Wedding

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Include Your Pet in Your Wedding

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A dog is a man’s best friend, so it only makes sense that if you have a fur baby that means the world to you, that you have the opportunity to include them in you big day.

There are some really cute ideas so that your furbaby can spend your wedding day with you, but remember having a pet at your wedding can be hard work too so its best to consider all the options before making your decision. We have put a few ideas and tips together for you to ensure your furbaby not only looks cute but it well taken care of on the day.

What can my your pet wear to look cute?
Bowtie matching your bridal party wear colours. Doggy Jersey for the winter weddings which can be printed on e.g Dog of honour, Dog Man
If your pet is easily trainable, you can have them carry your rings down the aisle, or carry a small sign that says “Here comes the Bride”

Tips to ensure you have no oopsies:

Ensure your venue/chapel is pet-friendly and allows pets
Just like humans, your pet will be thirsty and hungry so make sure you have food and water and especially a few treats for your furbaby
Pet sitter – you will need someone that will keep an eye on your pooch, and it would be advisable to get a sitter or a close family friend to take on the responsibility of your pet without you having to stress
Travel – its best to consider having your pet taken home once the reception starts as this can cause stress for your dog especially when there is loud music playing.

Safety – If you have a pet that is not familiar with strangers and as much as you love him, he can be aggressive… avoid having your dog in uncomfortable situations. Make sure that if your pooch isn’t too fond of children that they keep their distance to avoid any problems.
Test run the situation, get your bridal party together and try a rehearsal to ensure your furbaby is comfortable walking down the aisle and comfortable with their surroundings.

Every Bride / Groom needs their best friend, so it would only make sense to include your special baby. Not only would this be special, but the photos are bound to look cute and memorable.

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