The best way to add extra excitement to a reception is to entertain guest with games and fun things to do. By having games available for guests to join into which allows them to interact amongst themselves.

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  • Boules

    A classic French favourite. The game is simple, and played by placing the jack on the ground, with players competing against each other, trying to get their Boules as close to the jack as possible. We offer the above two different options.

  • Giant Snakes and Ladders

    Snakes and Ladders – An old tradtiional game found to entertain the entrie family.

    3 x 3 Metres Snakes and Ladders large enough for adults and children.

  • Large Jenga

    Hi-Tower structure starts off at 0.9m (3ft 6in) at the beginning of the game, but will grow to a massive 2.3m (7.5ft) in play.

  • Limbo

    A classic party game for young and old. Loosen up and limbo down. How low can you go?! Keep lowering the bar until the last person is standing. Or, should we say bending? The kit contains two wooden upright poles, 1.65m tall. The cross-beam (also 1.65m in length) is moved up and down on the slots found on the uprights.

  • Quoits

    A game that is played the world over. Requires accuracy and skill, this is a game that anyone of all ages can compete on equaly terms. Kit contains 5 hardwood screw in pegs designed to last, painted red and green base and 4 real rope quoits exactly how the game was designed and played many centuries ago.

  • Racing Water Slide

    Beat the Summer Heat!
    The Racing Water Slide is a simple and easy way of creating great water fun in your garden.
    The slide comes with a hose attachment nozzle to connect to your garden hose. To set this great fun slide up all you need to do is lay the slide on a flat even lawn free from stones, attach the hose, inflate the “boogie board” style sliders, turn on the tap and let the fun begin.

    The boogie boards give extra slip to this fun slide and having two lanes adds the extra fun of a race. Add bubble bath for more fun
    The slide is 4.7m in length

  • Standard Chess with Board

    The Standard Chess Set is the smallest in our range of giant chess sets and is ideal for families or groups who want to enjoy the fun of a chess match together. The chess set maintains the same high quality as the giant set and offers the same excellent playing platform suitable for indoor and outdoor play. The set comes complete with a 1.2m playing mat. Pieces are in one section and stand between 20cms and 25cms tall. The piece base diameter is 9.5cms. A must for any chess fans