Summer Weddings with a Twist

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Summer Weddings with a Twist

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Getting married in the summer is always fun and everyone seems to be in that summer vibe. If you are planning a summer venue outside, there are a long list of ideas you can incorporate into you wedding day.

Sunglasses can be given to wedding guests with customization, flip flops can be offered as gifts too, so guests do not get too hot and have sore feet – it comes in handy on the dance floors.

Top of your guests with flavor ice lollies and consider having a snow-cone facility especially if you know it is going to be an exceptionally hot day.

Have a relief station for outside weddings offering sun creams, paddle fans and possibly some bug spray should the wedding go into the evening. For the ceremony you could have parasols available for guests to make use of to avoid the sun.

There are so many ideas to ensure the hot day wedding is a fun day wedding. Offer guests a variety of games to play outside which creates a lovely social vibe. Always ensure there are drinks available, so everyone stays hydrated. The bride and groom could also tackle the wedding with a great pair of just married flip flops.

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