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The perfect wedding gown

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As a little girl, you can remember the dreams you had and the dreams you hoped would come true. Finally, as an adult, the day has arrived where you met your prince charming and he has proposed to you to be his forever true partner. Do you remember what the one thing was that you dreamt of as a little girl? We could bet that you were probably dreaming of the perfect wedding gown. Would it have been bedazzled by gems, or sprinkled with diamonds from the most imaginable places on earth? Would the dress be glitzy with pink satin, or draped with golden ivory? The day has come where you need to decide, yet how could you decide as there are so many options available and how would you know you made the right choice? Would you be bestowed upon the validity of what friends, family or even the advice offered by the latest trends in magazines?

What type of dress would bring out the quality and uniqueness that represent you in the modern world? There are so many concepts and ideas that have been incorporated into the fashion world that it would be overwhelming to make a simple decision based on what is in and what should be in and not be in. To try and stabilize that memory of undivided devotion to walking down the aisle without a corrupt mind of obedience as to what should and should not be in, agreed on by your friends and family. Yet, you need to take into consideration that over time, your fashion choices and sense of beauty have changed, but how can one make such a decision based on so many choices provided to Brides?

Our answer to you is to be true to yourself and to remember that there is more to the Wedding day than a wedding gown. Your friends and family have shown up from all over to share this day with your, and as much as you want to walk down that aisle in a dress made from diamonds and lace, you need to keep comfort in mind. Consider parading in a few dresses before making this decision, you need to make sure you are comfortable, and you feel like YOU. Don’t be the Bride you think everyone expects, you need to be happy and you need to enjoy the experience. Keep in mind that you will be in the dress for a good few hours and comfort and beauty can be incorporated together to ensure you have an amazing time. Find the right style that would suit you and always remember that your dress doesn’t represent you as a Bride, it is how you carry yourself on your big day. We will be providing you with a variety of dress styles soon to ensure your dream as a little girl comes true in a favorable and desirable manner.

You need to decide what type of wedding favour you would like to give. Would you like to offer your guests a wedding favour they can enjoy at their wedding with the meal? E.g. Mini jam, sauce bottles? Possibly a type of sweet wedding favour your guests can enjoy after their meal. You can also have an option of the type of wedding favour that can be used to entertain guests which is always a great ice breaker for guests that do not know each other? You could offer a quiz or game types of favours.

Once you have decided on the type of wedding favour, you need to consider the options of how you will be presenting them… For jams and sweets, you have the option of presenting your gifts in a pretty glass jar, or old vintage style tin. You also have the option of using little gifts bags and ribbons to add your personal touch.

If you are considering making your own weddings favours, you need to take into account what will be required and work out costing before you start as DIY wedding favours are not always the most affordable option. And you need to avoid any last-minute rushes or stress. However, opting for the DIY option can become a fun activity for the Bride and her bridesmaids or even better why not do this with the hubby to be.

Most Brides want the wedding favours to coordinate with their theme and colours which is perfect, but if you want these gifts to be used for years to come and as a great reminder, think of gifting your guests with something practical.

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