The Wedding Dance

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The Wedding Dance

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Ok Great, so all the finer details have been sorted and you are sitting with your planning list and discovering the next list of things you need to do and conquer before the big day arrives…… yes you almost forgot! The wedding dance! You can either have a slow and close dance to your favorite song, or you can create the perfect dance with a choreographer or dancing instructor. This way you will release the inner dancer and show some sensual moves on the dance floors that will leave guests in shock for the rest of the evening.

We have combined a few ideas as to which dance styles you can choose from to match your moves and your grooves:

  • The Sway. …
  • The Slow Dance (or Nightclub Two Step) …
  • The Classic Waltz.
  • The Swing.
  • The Foxtrot. …
  • The Rumba.
  • Mambo & Salsa Dance.
  • Hip-Hop Dance.

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