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Wedding Candy Bar

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Candy bars at Weddings are a big hit these days, not only because there are a variety of sweet, but because they look so pretty and offer a type of fairytale look. You can incorporate your wedding colours of themes into a candy bar and create the perfect candy buffet for guests to enjoy.

You will need clear containers, sweet scoops and a bunch of tasty sweets. Here is a list of sweet treats to consider for your candy bar:

·  Lollipops

·  Rock candy

·  Candy sticks

·  Gummy candies

·  Peppermint sticks or disks

·  Buttercream mints

·  Gumballs

·  Candy-coated chocolates

·  Chocolate-covered nuts

·  Chocolate-covered raisins

·  Licorice sticks

·  Taffy

·  Candy-filled straws

·  Caramels

·  Malted milk balls

·  Sour candies

And more…..

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